Best Of Cleveland? Okay, sure.

Sometimes you wake up to find out that somehow, you ended up being nominated as “Best Photographer” in Cleveland and you’re a little weirded out by it but you kinda roll with it because life is about having fun! There are so many more talented photographers in Cleveland, and I don’t deserve this nomination, but it is my civic duty to take this to heart and work for you, Cleveland, as your photographer. Do your civic duty and cast your ballot here –

Tiny Moving Parts @ Mahall’s

I love seeing Tiny Moving Parts play. They always put 120% into their performance and have done so their DIY roots, playing shows in my Akron basement years ago. They just released their new record, “Swell”, and have sold out numerous dates on their current tour with Mom Jeans and Oso Oso. This was an insane show! Every band was great. It was great to see Mom Jeans for the first time, and Oso Oso again! I sadly didn’t capture any good photos of Jetty Bones who opened the show. If you get a chance, don’t miss out on this gig.

CityCop & Friends @ Mahall’s

It had been a long time since I last posted photos of CityCop at their record release show; They are always one of my favorites to photograph. So passionate and energetic. I admittedly haven’t been paying as much attention to some of the newer bands around here as much as I used to (it sucks getting older) so I was stoked to have my face melted off by both Speedfreak and Iron Bison. Dark Spring and Orca rounded the show out and were great as always. This was a great show that reminded me that I need to pay attention to the local music scene a little bit more closely again. There is so much great music in Northeast Ohio.

Two Hand Fools @ Blank Slate

Last night I finally got the chance to check out Blank Slate, a DIY venue in Elyria. Definitely an awesome space that reminded me of the venue in Akron that helped me and so many others get established–The Orange Street (and Glass House.) Being a small space focused only on music and community is hard, but ultimately so needed. I hope to get out that way more in the future. I missed Two Hand Fools at the Delay Show, so was happy to finally catch them after what seems like forever. Buddies in Stalemate and Youth Pallet rocked as well as ColorVision from Indiana. 

Heart Attack Man @ The Grog Shop

I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, and I’m doing my best to stay ahead of any crummy days, but it’s tough. To start the year off right, I’ve been moving files around trying to organize my hard drives to make a more efficient workflow, which resulted in losing a bunch of raw files from the previous years of my photography. There were shots that I wanted to revisit, re-work, or even post for the first time that I will never have a chance to. On one hand, that’s great because I can focus on the now, but on the other, I lost all my work! Either way, there’s nothing I can do about it. Sometimes you’ve gotta get up and dust yourself off, keep moving and make better work.

Anyways, I didn’t lose the images from this gig, and here they are almost a month late! Heart Attack Man, Runaway Brother, and Jetty Bones at the Grog Shop December 15, 2017. Great bands and people who I appreciate very much.

Delay’s 20th Birthday

It’s a new year and that means new resolutions. One of those resolutions was to be more active with my photography and other creative outlets. Another was to regularly update this blog again. So, here I am. Happy New Year!

Delay celebrated their 20th year as a band at Mahall’s on 12/28 alongside Two Hand Fools, Annabel, Signals Midwest, and The Sidekicks. I got held up at home and was super bummed to miss Two Hand Fools; especially after listening to their great new record .  My apologies for not having photos of their set. All of these bands have been super important to Northeast Ohio and the rest of the country. It was great to re-live the energy I felt when I lived at It’s A Kling Thing, where I made most of my friends in this community. Congratulations to Delay on their milestone and to the rest of the bands for holding strong even when it’s tough to do so. Thanks for the great music.

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